Our People

Our talented and experienced team delivers amazing results. We have a can-do attitude backed by over 97 years in the business of delivering solid mechanical solutions, on time and on budget.


Eric Davidson

Shop & Facility Coordinator


Brent Harrell, Estimating Manager

Brent Harrell

Lead Estimator

Brent Hattley, Human Resources Generalist

Brent Hattley

Team Member Experience Lead

Connor Holt, Junior Estimator

Connor Holt

Junior Estimator

Jeff Guignard, Lead Project Manager

Jeff Guignard

Director of Project Delivery

Milton Guignard, Managing Director

Milton Guignard

Managing Director

Kathryn Maunz, Accounting

Kathryn Maunz


Johnathan Craps, Mechanical Engineer/BIM

Johnathan Craps

Mechanical Engineer/BIM

Keith Burden, Senior Project Manager

Keith Burden

Senior Project Manager

Curtis Guignard, Business Development

Curtis Guignard

Business Development

Jeri Crowder

Jeri Crowder

Project Delivery Assistant

Austin Inscho, Assistant Project Manager

Austin Inscho

Assistant Project Manager

Mike Brill

Mike Brill

Project Manager

Jim Webster

Jim Webster

Project Manager


Brandon Stephens

Brandon Stephens



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