Our team approaches each mechanical project with a step-by-step process that is tried and true.

Our Methodology Process

At FourSeasons, our methodology involves a systematic approach in planning and executing mechanical projects that are hassle-free. We encompass all the processes involved in designing, installing and maintaining innovative mechanical systems. Our methodology is designed to ensure that projects are completed to the required specifications, on time and within budget. We work closely with architects, engineers and building owners to ensure seamless integration of mechanical systems into building design. We use advanced technologies and innovative techniques to improve effectiveness and efficiency of mechanical systems.

Overall, our vested methodology process is critical to any project’s success. It requires expertise, experience and attention to detail to guarantee all project aspects are completed to the highest standards.

FourSeasons methodology involves the systematic approach to planning and executing hassle-free mechanical projects.
FourSeasons methodology involves the systematic approach to planning and executing hassle-free mechanical projects.

Our Process

Few things compare with the excitement of designing a new project from scratch, but the process is rarely straightforward. Here’s how the process unfolds:

A challenging mechanical question or concern that often has a large or unusual scope is brought to our attention by a Tennessee business or organization.

Our experts gather to collaborate on a solution, starting with a series of conversations with the client to attain a full understanding of the project.

We present a preliminary solution and detailed budget documentation.

Once initial approval is received, we proceed to the engineering stage of the project.

Finally, we develop and present detailed, in-depth engineering schematics and plans to the client and work toward budget finalization.

Next Steps

Now, the permitting process begins. The design gets submitted to local building code office for review and comments.

The estimating team now hands the project off to the project delivery team who assigns a dedicated project manager.

The project is uploaded into Procore, our project management software program. In Procore, the client, designer, partners and all involved parties can access all information and collaborate on all aspects of the project.

The project manager develops the job schedule and sets important milestone targets.

We send a detailed submission for approval through Procore or the client’s preferred method.

Open client communication is maintained through Procore and regular job meetings until project completion.

We conduct closeout procedures, including a detailed summary of project outcomes and an explanation of any future maintenance requirements and needs.

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