Hickman County High School

Oct 22, 2019




Centerville, TN


Lennox, Mitsubishi

About the Project

Located in Centerville, Tennessee, Hickman County High School serves over 500 students in grades 9-12. The small-but-proud school has a mission: to engage and develop, to maximum capacity, the mind, body, and character of each student. Clearly, Hickman is the kind of school where student enrichment comes first. When classrooms were growing uncomfortably warm and building issues were growing disruptive, the school’s administration knew it was time for renovations.

The school chose Quinn Construction to manage the large renovation project, and Quinn Construction contracted FourSeasons to provide and install the turnkey HVAC scope of the work. The FourSeasons team started by removing the school’s existing four-pipe systems and central station HVAC equipment. Outdated, inefficient, and ineffective, the old units and ductwork were no longer capable of maintaining a comfortable and productive learning environment.

FourSeasons replaced the four-pipe systems with Mitsubishi ductless split systems and Lennox split systems. The crew installed Bard indoor heat pump units to serve the classrooms and a carefully-calibrated network of gas furnaces, rooftop packaged united, and gas unit heaters to serve different areas of the school. Finally, FourSeasons installed exhaust fans, lab exhaust, ductwork, and refrigerant and gas piping to ensure proper airflow and temperature control throughout the building.

The new system provided immediate value for the students, teachers, and staff at Hickman County High School. After renovations, the entire school community could enjoy cooler and quieter classrooms. And, even though the crew worked while classes were in session, the high school was able to operate with few disruptions throughout the entire phased project.

FourSeasons’ work benefited the owner and administration as well. The crew’s efforts to value-engineer the project helped deliver much-needed savings, making room in the project budget for other improvements to the school. With the help of FourSeasons’ cost-effective solutions, Hickman County High School was able to replace outdated emergency exit windows, flooring, and exterior lighting. Working together with Quinn Construction, the FourSeasons team helped create a safer, more comfortable, and more productive school environment.

“Your ability to value engineer the work allowed the owner to use the savings to complete other needed improvements to the existing school… The new ductwork and equipment will offer a great utility savings for many years to come.”


Will Q.

Quinn Construction Corporation
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