Protect your HVAC investment with our unique preventative maintenance program.

Industry Leading HVAC Service and Preventive Maintenance Program

With so many meetings to run and budgets to balance, most businesses simply don’t have time to worry about their HVAC equipment. However, malfunctioning, dirty, or obsolete commercial HVAC systems can silently drain your finances. Inefficient units may cause your energy bills to skyrocket, and waiting for a breakdown to request service almost always increases the price of repairs.

Luckily, there is a simple solution for many common HVAC woes: regular preventative maintenance.

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance involves scheduled HVAC repairs, cleaning, and general system upkeep, even when there are no outward signs of a problem. Preventative maintenance might involve a simple filter change every few months, or an annual inspection to check the health of the system. By addressing potential problems before they arise, preventative maintenance can extend the lifespan of your HVAC and provide significant long-term savings.

Preventative Maintenance with SafeGuard

SafeGuard is FourSeason’s preventative maintenance solution. Clients receive a customized maintenance plan designed to keep their HVAC system in peak condition. Our qualified service technicians will work with you and your budget to determine the best course of action for your equipment’s efficacy and longevity.

We’ll create a recommendation calendar with scheduled inspections and visits. We will also provide detailed notes regarding your system’s health, potential repair needs, and detailed records of the work we complete.

Common SafeGuard Services

  • Gauge and control calibration
  • Unit and device cleaning
  • Part alignment
  • Vibration control
  • Belt changes
  • Chemical coil cleaning
  • Ongoing retrofit and upgrade recommendations as required
  • Adjustment, securement, and tightening of parts and systems as required

For a full list of services included with SafeGuard, contact us or visit our service request page.

Benefits of SafeGuard

Purchasing and operating commercial heating and air conditioning is never cheap. In fact, HVAC systems are responsible for 40-70% of a commercial building’s energy bill. Preventive maintenance can reduce these costs by 15-20%.

By selecting a preventative maintenance package, you can protect your initial HVAC investment and minimize long-term operating costs.

Here are a few ways SafeGuard can help your business avoid expensive HVAC headaches:

  • Fewer system failures and less resultant downtime
  • Lower energy costs
  • Extended equipment longevity
  • More comfortable facilities
  • More predictable and affordable repair costs

To learn more about the importance of regular HVAC maintenance, check out our full list of SafeGuard benefits and advantages below.

Pricing & More Information

The right preventive maintenance program pays for itself through energy savings and extended equipment life. As Matt Ashwood, president and CEO of Bonded Filter Co puts it, “If you spend $30 on an oil change in your car, you will save $3,000 on a new engine. Proper preventive maintenance [for] HVAC equipment will do the same thing.”

We offer three tiers of SafeGuard service: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These tiers represent a general range of service and pricing; specific pricing will vary based on your facility size, the average age of your equipment, and other variables. This pricing system allows us to create a program that delivers the best value for your needs.

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