We prioritize safety because the well-being of our employees, clients and partners matters and is important to us.

Managing Risks Means Better Results

At FourSeasons, safety is more than a regulation or requirement – it’s a top priority. We care about people and know that construction and other essential procedures can pose potential or actual safety and health risks. Therefore, it’s our policy to do everything within our power to minimize those risks as much as humanly possible. We hold our team to the highest standards of safety to protect not only them, but our job sites, partners and clients from hazardous conditions that could inflict harm.

To achieve our safety goals, we developed one of the most comprehensive safety programs in the industry, focused on providing employees with the latest ongoing training, equipment, safety protocols, support and protection.

Safety is a priority at FourSeasons
Here are just a few ways we plan for the safest achievable work environment:


  • OSHA 10 training for construction personnel
  • CPR training for office and construction personnel
  • Quarterly Training Days, with additional refresher courses and safety updates throughout the year
  • On-site lift and machinery training
  • Mandatory pre-employment drug screenings, and random drug screenings to maintain certification as a Tennessee Drug-Free work environment

“Over the last 12 years, I have handled the Surety Bond and Risk Management Programs of FourSeasons, Inc. I have witnessed first-hand how the management of the company handles their obligations to their clients. I can say with certainty that this organization genuinely cares about their clients and their community. FourSeasons is a financially stable firm, with strong values, that can be trusted to do the job at hand in a very safe and professional manner.”

Jason T.
Shafer Insurance

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