Arconic Plant

May 14, 2020




Morristown, TN


Donaldson-Torit, Carrier, Semco, Eurovac

About the Project

Arconic is an international company that engineers lightweight metals, including aluminum, nickel, and titanium. From aerospace machinery to consumer electronics, it is difficult to find an industry that doesn’t use Arconic’s lightweight metal to create innovative products.

In 2019, Arconic announced plans to expand its Morristown facility to accommodate growing demand for aerospace engine products. The east side of the plant would be expanded to encompass roughly 82,000 square feet. Arconic also planned to demolish existing office space, construct a new two-story office, expand the parking area, and construct a new shipping/delivery entrance. Slated for completion in 2020, the project would require a total local investment of $85 million.

Due to our expertise in mechanical contracting, Exxcel Project Management contracted FourSeasons to install a turnkey HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing package for Arconic’s expansion project.

As with any large expansion project, FourSeasons’ work at Arconic involved many components. The FourSeasons team went to work and began installing new equipment, including:

  • Underground, chilled, and domestic water plumbing with up to 10” welded piping
  • One Eurovac vacuum system with three turbines/separators
  • One 80,000 cfm Donaldson-Torit dust collector
  • Carrier air-cooled chillers, with 760 tons HVAC and 80 tons process chilling capacity
  • Eight VTS rooftop air handlers
  • One Semco dedicated
  • dehumidification rooftop unit
  • Gas unit heaters
  • One fan coil unit
  • A dedicated cooling system for dust- collection return air and associated HVAC/dust collection ductwork
  • Vacuum and process piping to work cells

That’s quite a list!

With the new air conditioning system in place, Arconic’s factory floor can now maintain a specific humidity ideal for the production of its products. The new air conditioning throughout the building will also help keep employees comfortable throughout the factory and office spaces. Finally, the vacuum and dust collection system will help keep the production area clean and productive.

FourSeasons worked in concert with the construction manager, engineers, and the owner to adapt the original design and deliver significant savings. Through a collective effort, FourSeasons helped to bring the project within budget, providing Arconic with lasting value and creating a more productive factory environment.

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