Smokies Stadium

Nov 4, 2019




Kodak, TN


Trane, Mitsubishi, DuctSox

About the Project

Tourists and locals alike visit Smokies Baseball Stadium to have good, old-fashioned fun. Home of the Tennessee Smokies, the stadium is located in Kodak, Tennessee, just east of Knoxville and a short drive from Sevierville and Gatlinburg. Smokies Stadium opened in 2000 and can hold over 6,000 fans.

Before HVAC renovations, the stadium’s outdated rooftop units were failing to regulate temperatures in the restaurant, office, and retail areas, leaving fans and employees dissatisfied and uncomfortable. Other areas of the park, such as the batting cages and luxury suites, also required HVAC system improvements.

With such a variety of spaces and needs, nothing short of HVAC expertise would suffice for Smokies Stadium. The client hired FourSeasons to install an HVAC solution that would bring comfort to every part of the park, from the office to the outfield (well, maybe not the outfield!).

FourSeasons installed 13 new Trane units to replace older rooftop equipment serving the main restaurant and retail areas. The team also installed a DX Trane split system with a DuctSox to condition the batting cage area, and three ductless split systems to keep business offices especially cool.

For the most dedicated fans, Smokies Stadium boasts fully-furnished luxury suites, complete with balconies and indoor lounge areas. To make these suites even more comfortable, FourSeasons replaced the suites’ old DX Trane split systems with two Mitsubishi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. VRF systems use heat recovery technology to conserve energy and allow different rooms to be heated and cooled simultaneously. This highly-efficient method can reduce energy costs while providing exceptional comfort.

Completed on-time and on-budget, the project at Smokies Stadium was a success. The client expressed satisfaction, and even the commissioning agent from Mitsubishi commented that he had never been to a project with such a smooth and efficient start-up. In other words, the team at FourSeasons knocked this one out of the park!

  • Scope:
    13 Trane rooftop units
    3 ductless split systems to condition various offices
    1 DX Trane System to serve the batting cage area
    2 Mitsubishi Variable Refrigerant Flow systems to serve the luxury suites
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