Stratford High School




Nashville, TN


20 months


Mitsubishi VRF, RevolutionAire, Lennox

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About the Project

Stratford STEM Magnet High School is part of the Metro Nashville Public Schools system. Home to about 800 students in grades 9-12, the academy takes pride in its out-of-the-box curricula. Stratford emphasizes project-based learning to help students cultivate their academic and career interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

To improve the student experience and foster a better learning environment, Stratford High School embarked on a $17 million renovation project. Over $3 million of that budget was dedicated to completely transforming the school’s existing HVAC system.

Messer Construction contracted FourSeasons to perform the HVAC installation for Stratford High School. FourSeasons removed the existing four-pipe systems, air-cooled chillers and boilers, classroom unit ventilators, and central station air handlers. After removing the old equipment, our team installed 530 tons of new high-efficiency Mitsubishi VRF systems. FourSeasons also installed RevolutionAire units to serve the classrooms and Lennox rooftop units to serve the gymnasiums.

Unlike many school construction projects, the HVAC renovations at Stratford were performed while school was in session. During the 20-month phased stay-open project, FourSeasons collaborated with other contractors and workers to ensure minimal disruption to the students’ and teachers’ daily activities. As always, FourSeasons performed regular safety training and on-site meetings to maintain a safe environment for workers, teachers, staff, and students.

FourSeasons is proud to say that the HVAC renovation project at Stratford High School was a success. Our talented team helped value-engineer this project to provide significant savings to the school. As a result, this job finished within the projected budget with no change orders. Thanks to the innovative efforts of FourSeasons and Messer Construction, the STEM students and teachers at Stratford High School can continue innovating every day in a more comfortable educational environment.

“I wanted to brag on Cliff and Four Seasons; him and his guys have done a really good job. He was organized and knew what was going on, Cliff was on top of it. It was very refreshing working with a contractor like you guys the last several days. I took pictures so I can show other contractors how a job can look if it’s done right. This phase makes me wish all our jobs were with you guys.”


Mike R.

Mitsubishi Factory Representative

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