Cleaner – Commercial HVAC Trends Transforming the Industry

Jun 1, 2023

Technology has infiltrated every aspect of the HVAC industry, and with on-going innovation, heating and cooling the air in commercial environments has advanced to become cleaner and more efficient than ever before. Customers care about the environment and want to be assured that they get state-of-the-art air quality in commercial settings where they spend most of their time. Seeing savings on their energy bills month after month is also something that makes them happy. FourSeasons, Inc. is implementing the latest technology every step of the way to meet customer needs and provide the most innovative and economical HVAC systems available. 

Ductless HVAC systems are cleaner and more efficient than duct-based systems which have been the standard for decades. Utilizing Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), the HVAC system can run multiple indoor units utilizing the same outdoor condensing unit. By using refrigerant directly to treat the air instead of the traditional method of returning air to a central conditioner via ductwork, treating the air and then delivering it back inside through ductwork, many positive things happen. 

By design, the VRF system is much more energy efficient, and that provides energy savings in every monthly energy bill. Plus, the new age VRF system makes renovations much easier (and restorations less intrusive to historical architecture) because instead of installing large ductwork everywhere, much smaller refrigerant lines are used, and fewer outdoor condensing units are necessary. 

VRF has an exciting future in the HVAC industry, especially for Design/Build projects, because architects can utilize available space much better in their designs and produce layouts that are integrated with all aspects of the building to operate at optimal performance levels. And as such, Energy Contractors can plan for HVAC efficiencies from day one, because it’s already been baked into the design. 

Contact your FourSeasons, Inc. representative and ask about VRF for your next project. It’s one of our specialties, and another way that staying on the forefront of emerging technology is helping FourSeasons, Inc. remain the leader in innovative HVAC and Mechanical solutions.

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