Knoxville News Sentinel – 2022 Top Workplaces Award!

Jul 24, 2022

Knoxville News Sentinel – 2022 Top Workplaces Award!


Are you ready for some exciting news? We recently received an award and recognition from Knoxville News Sentinel, naming FourSeasons, Inc. a Knoxville Top Workplace! While that’s a great title to hold and may be an impressive honor to drop during an interview with a top candidate or while walking a project with a potential client, what does it really mean? How did we even receive this award, and who had a say in this? Well, we’re here to tell you.

 How did we get this? Our team started working with an external company to conduct a team member engagement survey. For the engagement survey, we sent a quick email survey to every single FourSeasons team member, asking them to provide candid responses to questions geared towards how engaged they are in their roles and within the company. The survey was asking questions revolving around topics such as: did they feel supported and encouraged; did they see a long-term future with us with professional growth and development; and did they feel valued by the team and by leadership, as some examples.

 Who had a say? Because this survey was a team member engagement survey, our people were the ones that decided we are a Top Workplace! That is one of the reasons why this award is so special to us. This wasn’t an award that was based off of numbers or a professional summary of responses we submitted, even while those are also exciting in different ways. This award was based solely on how our team members feel about working with us. In the over 150 comments that were made on our various surveys, some of the most common words mentioned included “good communication,” “growth,” “listen,” “challenged,” “respect, “valued,” and “family.” Just seeing those comments from a completely anonymous and optional survey was really a huge win and very humbling in itself.

 What does it mean? To us, this award confirms that we are an organization that is taking our core values seriously at every level and at every touch point. We feel that this award confirms that we have built a team that has integrity, that is agile, that is team-oriented, and client-focused. We have a team that is proactively working to continue this great culture, and we have a team that is holding itself accountable in staying true to these values. We have been known to tell candidates in the hiring process that we protect our culture. This award reaffirms that we do have a great culture worth protecting across the company. That’s what this award means to us.

 So what now? We have a great culture right now… Great! However, it can’t stop here. As a matter of fact, keeping a constant eye on our culture is crucial, now and in another 95 years from now. The ‘what now’ is really just continuing to push ourselves. We have to push our values and be sure that we are showing our teams frequently what those values mean to us. We have to keep pushing to support our team members, letting them know we care and are here to win together. Finally, we have to push our teams and leaders to continue asking the sometimes hard and uncomfortable questions of what we can be doing to be better, more efficient, or more supportive as a company. We have to keep pushing to keep doing better and better.

 We are so appreciative and proud of our Top Workplaces award! We thank Knoxville News Sentinel for hosting the award and setting in place the high standards of the engagement survey. Most of all, though, we are so thankful for our wonderful, growing, and evolving team that we get to partner with each day. Through the challenging days and the fun, Appreciation Days, we couldn’t imagine a better group of folks to learn and grow with! Yet again, here’s to the FourSeasons family winning the Top Workplaces!

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