March 6 Employee Training Day

Mar 9, 2020

March 6 Employee Training Day

On Friday, March 6, the team attended another installment of our Quarterly Training Day program. Since many of our employees work on job sites throughout middle Tennessee, we all enjoy the chance to get together as a group at headquarters in Knoxville every three months. 

This Training Day began with a quick photoshoot with our favorite photographer, Laura Holt. Laura took portraits of our new employees for use on the company website and their photo ID badges. FourSeasons has been on something of a hiring spree in recent months, and Laura had quite the lineup of fresh faces to photograph. Laura also gathered all of us together for a group photo, showing in one image just how much we’ve grown as a company.

After photos, the group came in from the cold to watch Managing Director Milton Guignard’s financial presentation. Milton shared several company updates, including sales targets for the coming year and information about new projects in the pipeline. Milton ended his presentation by introducing each new employee with a welcoming round of applause. 

Next was everyone’s favorite part of the training day: Lunch! The crew dug into deliciously messy fajitas with chips and guacamole. While the team finished lunch, our Human Resources Manager, Jessica Seiber, led the employee prize game. Two team members each won a $100 bill by scratching off Jessica’s homemade lottery tickets. The rest of us were left to stew in envy. 

After lunch, formal training began. Safety Manager Kevin Boling led a group training about preventing harassment in the workplace. Then, all team members who use ProCore moved to the new conference room for a ProCore workshop led by Project Manager Jeff Guignard. The team brought their Ipads to practice new workflows in the project management software. This training will help the group stay efficient and foster even better communication between our team, our partners, and customers. 

Overall, this training day was another success. We’re looking forward to getting the group together again for our next quarterly training day in June.

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