Building Information Modeling

Jan 19, 2024

How It Has Transformed Businesses Like FourSeasons


Just like in a healthy marriage, the success of a construction project is largely dependent on healthy communication, but not just between two individuals. Construction of a building mandates critically specific communication between the owners, architects, designers, contractors, engineers, facility managers, and more.

The implementation of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing components, literally every aspect of construction, must be compatible with ALL other operations if the job is to be success. But because “inoperability” is so common in the construction industry, building owners typically pay an increase of $15.8 billion annually in correcting clashes, reworking systems, and delaying construction progress.

This lack of precision in the construction industry is unacceptable to FourSeasons, which has been providing custom mechanical contracting solutions for over 95 years. FourSeasons prides itself in getting these systems right the first time…in great part because of its use of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

BIM is a 3D digital tool that creates a physical model containing literally every physical and operative detail of a construction project. Once that model is created, it is scrutinized by designers, construction teams, engineers, and managers so that clashes in the administration of plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems can be averted completely before the ground is ever broken. Use of this cutting-edge technology in preconstruction prevents needless building delays, schedule clashes, and last-minute design changes once the construction begins.

As the world’s population continues to soar, building demand is soaring as well. Considering the need to find smarter building solutions, governments worldwide are now mandating the use of BIM in contracts for public buildings. The dramatic savings of time and money are paying off through this tremendous technological advancement.

From a structure’s conception all the way to completion of its construction, communication is critical in the building industry. FourSeasons is investing deeply on the frontend to mitigate the notorious “trickle effect” of unnecessary delays and additional costs that is all too common in the industry. The result is lower building costs, higher Return on Investment, and very happy clients!

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